Devil Liquor

by The Skulls

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Written and recorded in Attic of Despair Studio for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. Febuary/March MMX


released March 25, 2010

J. Skull: The coughing, complaining, the instruments



all rights reserved


The Skulls Amsterdam, Netherlands

Music to drink, smoke and have a shit load of fun with. No minors allowed...

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Track Name: Reckless Endeavor
She stole my pride yeah she took the wrong way
And now you're on the other side of me
And it won't take long I'll set this straight
Cause there ain't a fuckin' thing gonna stand in my way no.

So you dared to tread into this wicked mind,
A reality check as you come face to face with yourself

I cut so deep inside you say you want to leave
But then you'll come to realize you're left with yourself
A demon I awoke inside your fragile mind
Is gonna rip the innards of your soul apart.

Track Name: Dirty Minds Come Cheap
Your soul's for sale and it's out there for anyone to buy
You miss the attention, so you need that high
I need but to name a price; What's your price?

It seems so cheap this urge this need
A little light to shine on you

Sign right here expose yourself from now there's no more right or wrong
Close your mind your heart won't mind give a little bit each time
Not of the lost not of the obscure you're right up there with 'them'
"I'm so glad in my own world to object is not to understand"


Just remember it's written in stone and freedom isn't part of the deal
Track Name: Trash Love
I'm bad and so good at it
Love, the excuse for lust
No memory, no distraction
You'll be faded to dust

Trash love it's called
No signifigance
There is no start and no end
Got what I want, didn't care if you did too,
It's what I call a steal...
There, I said it!

No discussion just a wink of gratitude I submit
No tenderness no affection
Leave and take to the cold
And so it goes...

Track Name: Scum
You talk to me like it's bad;
My lifestyle to you is such a drag
No one asked you to come along;
I can't help it if I come on too strong

Telling me I'm scum just because I have all the fun

The pleasure's all mine I hear you say
But it's not because of me you feel dismayed
Living life doesn't seem to suit you
Doesn't mean i have to put up with your attitude


(I) don't sympathize where you come from
If anyone of us scum I'd say you're the one
Track Name: Skin Deep
I only care for what I like
Your taste doesn't suit mine
It's just a cover for what you really think,
And I'm thinking it too

Many times the truth is there
And the lie lies bare
So just come out and say it,
If they are fuck ugly!

If beauty is only skin deep,
Then why are they never coming back for more...

Can't imagine you feel that way
Just the look in your eyes
The green monster is at bay,
Yeah it's your disguise

Disillusionment holdin' sway;
Keeping you down
So your picture is not up there;
It's the tear of the clown!

Track Name: The Devil's Bourbon
So you sit at home wasted and stoned
And you're feeling blue, yeah you're not you

It's just a matter of time till boredom breaks you (through and through)

Enough is never enough and a habit is forming
Yeah a bitter blues is conforming you

It's just a matter of time till someone wakes you (and now you're out there)

Can you hear the whispers of the voice inside your head
Yeah you're alone, there really is no home

It's just a matter of time, but the illusion kills you (through and through)
Track Name: Whole Lotta Smoke
I remember going home at dawn,
But I don't remember what I said when I left you
And it may be better that way

Cause I say a lotta things I talk a lotta shit that maybe you don't want to hear
Wouldn't want to rob you of your sleep.... or do I?

Have another drink here's another tale have another cigarette
If you say I'm not like those other guys this'll prove to be a night without regret

What are the odds of running into you on yet another weary night
I'd say it's unlikely... but you never know...

You don't know where I live don't know what I think when it comes to playing this old game
Of useless charades and a wordless stare..


What do you say...?
Track Name: One Too Many
Carelessly I've walked around wanting to live for myself
(I just) can't get used to these crowds I'd rather leave & forget

With one too many down I pull myself through
Just one too many... to stick around you

Wordless and without thought I guess I did it again
The langauge that was spoken is one without care (diggeth)


One too many?
It's never enough!