Too Far Gone

by The Skulls

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Written and recorded in Attic of Despair Studio for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. October/November MMIX


released November 19, 2009

J. Skull: All scattered pieces of abuse, hell, and the instruments



all rights reserved


The Skulls Amsterdam, Netherlands

Music to drink, smoke and have a shit load of fun with. No minors allowed...

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Track Name: Don't Give Me That Shit
You said your last words
That evening, that night
Yet after that you still continued to bother me
A lesson never learned
Will prove your stupidity
Chance is not an option
When you meet someone like me

Case in point has been given
So please, don't give me that shit

I'm not here to meet your ends (no)
Not an end to your means (fuck no)
The path you walk is self destructive
And I don't go for no one on my knees


You shouldn't have tried to oppose my will
Cause now you're knee deep in it
Track Name: Highs & Lows
They like to give you pressure
Yeah they like to give you a hard time
Tough for them cause that's not what you're made of
So give 'em the old fist in the mouth!

Sailin' up on high
While these bastards try to keep me low

There's always gonna be vampires
Who will try to suck you dry
Once I've driven the stakes through their hearts
I'll leave them in the dead of night


Repeat 1st verse
Track Name: ...Down Like Before
I'm through with all your lying
Yeah I'm through with all your shit
Your bullshit sells but I'm not buying
On my own still kickin' it
Walk through the door
There's no more need for you
Your tears are crying endlessly
On my carpet, on my floor!

Did I give all that I could?
Hell no!
I'm not going down like before

I used to be kind
I used to be gentle
But all this crap has got me fucked up
I'm not the same
A heart of stone?
Well maybe that's me
But life has just been sweeter
Since you fucking left...! Me

Track Name: I've Come to Collect
I used to be told do good
Hell, I used to be told a lot of shit
Now it seems the glass is full
So I'm bringing my wrath
Down upon you!

For those who done me wrong
Times are a changing
I've come to collect...
What's mine

I'm sure they all meant well (yeah right)
But you should've known better than to meddle with me
Now you're dealing with a short fuse... (fuck 'em)
Time has come to pay your dues!


To say now that you're sorry
Won't make up for your lack of respect
Fuck no!
Track Name: Shitkicked & Headstomped
I used to listen but now
(I) got tired of listening to all the bullshit
Fuck those with their head in the clouds
You better have something
If you're gonna waste my time

You used up all your favors
From this day there is no tolerance!

It's all in the habit of lying
Cheating your way by lack of discipline
It shows what you're made of...
I just wish you wouldn't show up
If I was there


The foot is coming to your mouth
I'm telling you, please
Shut the fuck up!
Track Name: Bullshit Values
It's getting clearer now
I have to stick by myself
If I'm to pull myself through
The values they speak (are) lost on me
And I hate to cater to
Someone else's bullshit

Your lies and your lack of insight
Will harness my will
And see me rise...
Above you baby!

It's not hard to think about
In fact it comes very naturally
I am the progress of myself
Don't waste my time
Wallowing in you

Track Name: Too Far Gone (Woe in My Eyes)
Too far gone
Yeah you saw it
You saw it in my eyes (I know you saw it)
Can't hide no more
No I'm not gonna satisfy you

I'm by myself
I love this precious time
The deepened hardened woe in my eyes
No, there's no one here
That can fulfill my life
Without a disappointing tear in my eye

Too far gone
I told you
I told you this before (You know I did)
No, there's no place for your kind
And you're not needed anymore
(I'm better off by myself)

Track Name: From Here To Nowhere
Wasted again on you
You bring nothing more but lies
(More lies)
It's tough (scoff)
But I got to think about myself
So long
It's been fun but I'd rather see you go
Now go

I've been to nowhere
And it's got me lost along the way
I said...

Worthless and empty
You persist along a long lost trail
(No end to your means)
Lifeless and numb
It's gonna be your end
You know the grave...
(Ain't to far away...)


Now I'm tired and empty
Wish you would just go the hell away
Go away
I'm through with this, I swear
Don't belong on the path to nowhere
But you do!

Repeat 1st verse