Dead Ends & Lost Trails

by The Skulls

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Written and recorded in Attic of Despair studio for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. October MMIX


released October 20, 2009

J. Skull: All alcohol, cigarettes, kicking and screaming, rockin' out, the instruments



all rights reserved


The Skulls Amsterdam, Netherlands

Music to drink, smoke and have a shit load of fun with. No minors allowed...

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Track Name: Ship of Fools
She took all my money
She ate all my food
Hate is boiling deep beneath
Said I was nobody's fool

Love wasted again
On an ingrate like you
Exorcising demons
To abandon the ship of fools

Yes it's hate
Blindly see

Gathered all the pieces
There's more left than I thought
This game isn't fun anymore
And you're such a fucking bore!

Track Name: Whisky & Women
Slowly rising to my feet
Got my head stuck in last night
No cause, no loss nor defeat
(Think) I'm gonna do it again tonight

Some whisky and women
Don't want to see the sun come up
I'm doing just fine
(Lingering) in my favorite pass time
Some whisky and women
Tough as nails and hard to get
I won't stop, no not yet
Don't want to see the night end

I'm losing money more than ever
This habit sure is bound to break me down
But hell I feel like superman...
Hey bartender, give us another round! (of)

Track Name: Doublebarrel
Lost in the eyes
I can't seem to disguise
Compelling demons
Live within me
Wrong turns I've taken
Made me somewhat wiser
Out of touch (don't need to belong)
Out of sin... (free)

Life left you
No one remembers

Devil in my eyes
Devour your lies
I see through you
Yeah, your wasted years
Untied my chains
Nevermore bound
Now you're gone,
Yeah now you're gone
Never to return...

Track Name: Two Girls & a Pack of Cigarettes
Whenever I see two ladies walk
My fantasy goes wild
Though they're just standing there and talking
I want to see them get it on while I...

Yes it is true I've seen with my own eyes
So much so it turns me on
Won't go back to the same old lie...
My wife!

Two girls and a pack of cigarettes is the life for me
No strings attached
I'm gonna go for what's good for me
Track Name: Hunting, Killing, Smoking, Drinking & Fucking
Woke up late last saturday night
I was dreaming about blood
Yeah I'm headin' out tonight
I have a taste for some...
Can't (seem to) get it out of my head
So yeah I'm gonna give in
Timing for the moment is right
Don't care much for the living

The urge is killing me
I can't hold back...

Hunting, killing, eating, fucking
Smoking, drinking, killing, fucking

I went out just to satisfy myself
Your body looks so lovely yeah
Yeah I'm gonna get me some!

The urge is killing me
I can't hold back, watch out!

Douse the lights

Track Name: Dead & Gone
Sick and tired of hearing of you
Will it ever be the last?
Your disease has spread so far
It's time to move your ass!

Dead and gone
Your dead and gone
Don't want you here
Your dead and gone

They've given you life eternal
I only wish you more dead
Didn't care what you had to say
Cause it's nothing that hasn't been said

Track Name: The Lord Told Me (There Ain't No Lord But Me)
I am just a man on my own
I've been given nothing
Everything I own
Is all because of me
I am the one
The one who sees it all through
Straight up I'll take the shot
As it comes

The lord done told me
Well there ain't no lord but me (I said...)

If you think all the best things have gone
You're in a rut
You can't get out
It's tough, well hell now
Hey, here's the thing
I've been doing it for so goddamn long
It ain't a thing to me
I guess it's just the way things are supposed to be

Track Name: Smokin' & Drinkin' Man
Been drinking again
Been smoking again
Been sleeping all day long
Been doing it for so damn long
My eyes they barely open
I long for the night again
(Tell me) why do I keep doing this?
Must be because I'm loving it...

You bet your ass I'm loving it
Gonna keep on doing it, forever!

Alcohol, cigarettes
Keeping me up til dawn
Girl please don't be mine
I don't like nobody wasting my time

Did I have too much to drink?
Been womanizing again
Being turned down is nothing new
Guess I'll have to find myself another trick


Before the night is over
Give all you can to me
(For) when the sun comes up I'll be gone
And that's the last you'll see of me

But I'll be back...
Another night...
Beware, beware...