Busted Amps & Broken Bones

by The Skulls

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Written and recorded in Attic of Despair Studio for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. November/December MMIX


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Skulls Amsterdam, Netherlands

Music to drink, smoke and have a shit load of fun with. No minors allowed...

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Track Name: My Worst Waste of Time (is You)
I'll pick up where I left off
You hit me with a sucker punch
(Cheeky fucker...)
No, there's no excuse for you
Playing the same old game
Ain't nothing new
(And you're bad at it too)

My only mistake is
Letting you keep going on
Only one fate worse than this
Yes, my worst waste of time is you

It's cheesy and I know it
Having to sing these same old songs
(About you and your flaws)
And sometimes I wonder
Whether I can get along
(Without you? Yes I can)

Track Name: Thank Hell
It's been so easy
These past years living without you
(What a waste of time)
Got so much I want to, need to
Do on my own
(The art of knowing)

One of a kind
A standard held high
Thank hell for your ignorance
You taught me nothing
Used up and useless
Thank hell for your ignorance

Dismayed you made me
Yet now I'm living so free
Can't you see...?
If anything,
You taught me never to believe in other people
So fuck you!

Track Name: Lame & Pointless
If what you say isn't true
If it only works for you
How can you know what's good?
How the hell can you speak for someone else?!
It's been done too many times
These fools should keep their shit to themselves
Nobody wants to hear
Now please, get out of here!

It's lame and pointless
Don't know where you get your fairy tales
Wouldn't like to know your sources

I'm locked in these visions of mine
But I don't go out spreading them like a disease
Yet you claim to know what's right
I sure as hell know what's right for you!
Put a sock in it, you fuck...
Speaking bile that's devoid of fact
It's gone on far too long
Now it's my turn to tell you that you're wrong!

This cross you bare
I'll nail you right upon it
And then we'll see if I care...
Track Name: A Lesson Never Learned
Drinking, smoking and sweating
The whole night through
Do I ever seem to learn?
I'm walking beside my shoes
Dazed and confused
One bottle just won't do
My liver starts to plead
Please, stop killing me!

The only one I know
The only one I love
Is passing up my life
An example of a lesson never learned

Don't want to end in failure
Need to revise my views
For darkness ain't to far away
Still got a lot I need to do

Track Name: Careless, Blind & Damn Right Stupid
Dismayed by human blindless
Divising short-sightedness
Pour me another whiskey
It's gonna be a long ride
Through this lonely night

Careless, blind and damn right stupid

I can only take so much
It's just that you're such a bore

Observe your usefullness
It's where none is ever found
Make it a double this time
It's gonna be a long night drinking
Will they ever get it right?

Track Name: Wild Women
Sometimes I sit and wonder why
I let the time go by
So fast, so easily I waste
While others get some taste
Of all the sweetness that I got
It turned to bitter fruits
I guess I couldn't handle it
So in the end I turned 'em loose

I got a case of the broken down blues
Left here with just a bottle in my hand
I'm so wasted
I tell ya she's bad news
But that's what you get
For going after wild women

Beat down and torn apart
About a million times
It's just this natural high
That keeps me coming back
And I know you think
I might learn some day
It's just this one thing
That makes me want to stray

Track Name: Losing it
Sometimes I get a little bit wired
By things that don't concern me
This time I'm giving it back to you
Cause these things are just not what they seem

I might be wrong
But who's to say
I might be right
Who cares anyway?

I'd say: "Baby, I think you're losing it..."
Don't come a knocking on my door
Cause I won't be there for you, y'hear...

Don't cry and stop your whining
If this is hel it's much better
Cause you ain't dead yet
Oh no, oh yeah
Life is the punch that you have waited for


Long for one, long for all
One day it'll all be gone
Tell me, what is there to lose?
Track Name: Ain't the Fool (No More)
No one here to comfort me
In the dead of night
Guess that's fine cause I don't need
Such trouble on my mind
Been the fool, I've been the asshole
Want no more wasted time
The illusion of love and lust
Hit me in the face for the last time

Got me a drink, another mistake
Is twisting deep inside
This lonely wolf's been shattered
One too many times
Confused I walk the streets
Until I saw the light
It's better to keep away from me
If you know what's right...

For you, I won't pay
For you, I gotta get away
Right now, I need some space
Become one with my wickedness

In you, I see nothing
I got nothing
Divide myself from you
And keep to my own ways
Before my time is through

I won't pay!
Track Name: Been There Once Or Twice Before
I've been to this place before
Only one difference is
That you ain't here no more
It's getting better all the time
Through with this, I'm through with you
I finally see my own sun shine

Life is moving in cycles, don't you know?
Always been there once or twice before

Life consists of love and hate
I used to love,
But now I hate you just a little more...
No loss on my side though
Got money enough
To keep me satisfied now you're gone


Life is moving in cycles, don't you know?
Always gonna be there once or twice or more...
Track Name: Not the Lovin' Kind (Leave For Good)
Swinging from left to right
Got my groove on, yeah tonight
Pour me a drink
And yes give me shot
Been down for way too long

She says she's not gonna stay
Wouldn't want it any other way
Leave and let me go
For good...

I'm having a ball
Right here on my own
And if you want to join me
Well that's just fine with me
(Just) don't bring me down
And don't waste my time
With what you think is 'right'
Cause I'm gonna prove you wrong


She says she's not gonna stay
Couldn't want it any other way
Don't believe in your fairytale called love
She hates when I think that way
(But I) didn't ask for your advice
Please don't make me tell you twice

Leave for good